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Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCezmDRgwer2v7XnN8x5p_2w

Art, animatics, animations, tutorials all of the nerdiest things! FAQ: Q: how old are you?: Currently I am 23 Q: Do you take requests? — A: No I’m sorry :C however that doesn’t mean I don’t consider them so you never know. Q: Do you take commissions? — A: Yes but only if I have time or the availability to do so, I get tons of commission orders, and I can only accept a few at a time, so I’m sorry if I never get to you :C Q: Will there be more animations/animatics? — A: YES! infact I always have at least one in the works at all times. They just take a few months to create lol. Q: What programs do you use? — A: I use Photoshop Elements 11 to paint (not Photoshop), Snag It to record, Adobe Premier CS6 Pro for video editing. For animation I now currently use ToonBoom Harmony essentials Q: did/do you go to school for art? — A:NOPE! 😀 I’m all self taught.