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Uncommon Universes Press LLC

We of Uncommon Universes Press LLC do hereby declare the following:

  • That we, as a small press and as individuals, are passionate about speculative fiction stories with visionary worlds peopled with well-developed characters and exploring the interplay of good vs. evil.
  • That we seek to showcase characters from different races, ethnicities, ages, religious beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities (or disabilities), and relationship statuses. We don’t follow a checklist, but we do believe that variety is the spice of life, and offers excellent opportunities for conflict and growth (aka plot). Fae/fairies, aliens, shape-shifters, fantastical beasts, etc are welcome!
  • That we do so desire to promote works of exceptional world-building, characterization, and worldview, even if they be from authors or publishing houses outside our own little realm. We’re excited about connecting with other readers, writers, companies, and anyone else who has ever dreamed beyond the ordinary!