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Troll and Toad

TrollAndToad.Com is a retailer specializing in selling CCGs (collectible card games), especially out of print Magic: The Gathering single cards. As of 2003, TrollAndToad.Com has become the largest retailer in the world, both in inventory and sales, of individual Magic: The Gathering CCG cards.

Our company’s philosophy is to have every Magic: The Gathering card in stock all the time. On an average day we manage to keep 92% of all cards in stock. When you use our live inventory system on TrollAndToad.Com, you will see the enormous quantity of cards we keep in stock – from Moxes and Black Lotuses to simple Basic Land and Armageddons.

We also carry a complete line of HeroClix and Mage Knight miniatures manufactured by WizKids. Not just original sealed packs and oversize figures, but also the individual singles, the extremely rare uniques, and tournament singles.

Our customer service goals are to maintain reliable service and fast turnarounds. We have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau of Kentucky, the Attorney General’s Office of Kentucky, Top Deck Magazine, and Scrye Magazine. We also have the Better Business Online stamp of approval. We have been in business since 3 weeks after Magic: The Gathering was originally released in 1993.

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