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Tattoo Bob

BC Hepner AKA Tattoo bob a long time returning Guest of popcon Indy has a long career in the Music and Motion Picture biz as a sketch artist for many celebrity’s.Bob does many sketches for celebritys homes and there tables at shows.With client like Gene Simmons of kiss ,,,,Ozzy,And spencer wilding the new Darth Vader .He keeps busy. You can see his TOPPS and other card company’s also for every set for Star Wars/ 2 sets for Marvel/ a few for Rittenhouse cards.And also Leif cards 5 sets.And working on doing art for Cryptozoic Games.Bob just finished work for the new Terminator 2-,,,,T-2 cards for Unstoppable cards .To date bob has well over 200 Celebrities in the Music and Motion picture biz he does art for..Plus for baseball fans bob was hand picked to be the only BOWMANS 70TH Anniversary 1951 Chrome/Refactor and original Sketch Card artist also. see his page at- www.bchepnersart.com