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Mike Makes Stuff

Website: http://www.mikemakesstuff.com/

Mike Ficarra is an Indianapolis-based artist and illustrator. Growing up on the East Coast, he received an Associate’s of Fine Arts from the Community College of Morris and took several classes at The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. In 2015, he graduated with a BFA from Herron Institute of Art and Design with a focus in Drawing and Illustration.

Mike is currently working on several books. Homebound, a sprawling fantasy epic, The Tempest, a sci-fi reboot of a Shakespearean classic, and Dr. Mask, a horror comic written by Indianapolis-based author Johnny Craft. He is also a contributor on the children’s books Ani and the Grumpus and The Young Puffin, with co-creator Yekaterina Komarovskaya.

Mike loves dogs, video games, comics, character-driven stories, and pineapples.

Support Mike on Patreon, buy his stuff, and see his latest work.