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Logan Walden Art

Website: http://www.loganwaldenart.com/

Hi. Thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me. I’ll try to keep this brief.

I was born in Northern Kentucky in 1986 and was raised in rural southern Ohio.  My brothers and I were brought up in a creative environment with a father who painted wildlife for a living and a mother who was determined to expose her sons to as many creative outlets as possible: art, music, dance, travel, improv comedy, and many hours spent in nature where we were told to rely on our imaginations. My Father has been a huge inspiration for my path as an artist. You can learn more about my father and his incredible wildlife art at www.waldensbrushwithwildlife.com.

Destined for a creative field, I set out for film school after high school and worked in the film industry for 7 years in Florida and California.  I’ve worked on major motion pictures like Transformers 3, reality shows like The Bachelor, and music videos for independent and major artists such as Tiesto and The Black Keys.

2010 proved to be a year of change as I explored the artistic world of Music and Art Festivals, such as Coachella, Lightening in a Bottle, Boogaloo, Burning Man and others.  Seeing this new level of art by the performing visual artists inspired me to transition from production design and art direction in film to learning graphic design and painting at concerts as a visual artist.  In 2012 I made the leap from Los Angeles back to my home town, West Elkton, Ohio, to study under my father using acrylics.  Landing a graphic design job for an ad agency came quicker than expected and I began my new career as an in-house designer for Platinum Marketing Group where I grew to be a professional designer over the the next 3 years.  Designing during the day and painting at night, I quickly broke into the Cincinnati live art scene in 2013 when Essential Productions invited me to paint at a local concert.  Since the first EP show, I have been involved as a live painter, art gallery coordinator, art installation builder and DJ in various festivals and concerts throughout the Midwest and West Coast.  Having a passion (more like an obsession) for techno and house music, I offered my services as Art Director for a Cincinnati event group named #Freshlist, which has grown to be very successful by presenting a refined selection of local artists and proper Electronic Dance Music in Cincinnati.  In 2016 I set out on my own as a free-lance graphic designer, as well as continuing my roll as #Freshlist Art Director and Essential Productions Visual Artist. I’m now a member of an art collective in New Port, KY named “Artifact”,  which hosts my private art gallery and a shared gallery space.

I’ve been told that my art can be classified as fantastical sci-fi. I would have to agree. My artistic style is a surreal perspective on science fiction and fantasy art with immersive atmospheres, emotionally moving character development and high rendered detail. I aim to give the viewer the visual queues to create their own version of the story taking place on canvas. I love hearing people’s interpretations of the scenes I create, especially when the story relates to them personally. That connection is the most fulfilling reward for me as an artist.  A large portion of my work revolves around a graphic novel I’m writing titled “Space Loungers,” a project I’ve been conceptualizing since 2012 and aspire to finish before I’m dead, if not much sooner. My artistic intention is to share with the world my interpretation of the human experience in the hope that my work inspires others to do extraordinary things in their own lives.