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DeGroot Art

Website: https://www.degrootart.com/

What is ‘DeGroot Art’ and what sets us apart from other artists?

Well, all of our art is limited print and all swag is limited run. So once they are sold out, that’s it! Starting June 2017, we are putting an official ‘DeGroot Art’ seal on every limited print.

So what is this #Art That Gives I keep seeing pop around?

Art has had a huge effect on our lives. We work very hard and have found ourselves in the position to help make a difference for others. So, we decided we wanted to do something productive for our community and give back! Creating ‘Art That Gives’. We donate 10% of our personal time a year helping charities with free art and branding. In addition, we donate all profits from select pieces (identified with a *) to charity.