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Chris & Gin

Website: http://chrisandgin.com/

Chris is an educational media developer and animator. He is also an organizer of the Indianapolis Illustrator’s Lunch, a once-a-month event that invites professional illustrators of all stripes to gather for pizza and shop talk.

Ginger is a smarty-pants freelance graphic designer that spends a lot of time in other people’s offices. She is a very fast and efficient designer, so if you’re drowning in work or want to speed up your process you should give her a call. She is also an active co-organizer for the Indy Webcomics Group, a casual meetup for comics artists in Indianapolis.

Chris & Gin’s crime-comedy “The Brothers Grant” chronicles the adventures of grumpy bounty hunter Sam and his excitable brother Kevin. Sam aims to destroy crime in the city of Harrison while Kevin struggles to keep him from wrecking his life, their apartment, and the American Midwest. You can read it online at thebrothersgrant.com