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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to the new PopCon 2015 website.

Last year was the first year for us to do a convention, so doing one as large as we did was a challenge to be sure.  We learned a lot, and this website is an expression of some of the things we learned.

I’ll let you browse on your own and won’t guide you too much, but allow me to show off some of my favorite new features.

A Section for Parents
Our goal for this show is to support and grow the independent creator, but last year we saw a lot of parents with kids who weren’t quite old enough to strike out on their own yet.  It is our goal this year to provide information and resources for parents to understand the geeky hobbies of their little geeklings and – most importantly – to use PopCon as a resource for helping them grow.  This section will grow as we schedule new activities and have more information to share.

A Section for Super Fans
As we were pulling together information for our new website, we found our best resource was you.  Our fans took the best photos, made the best videos, and provided us with the best commentary.  This show was founded by fans, for fans, and we continue to grow because of fans.  Thank you.  We’re going to work hard to make this one heck of a show this year.  This page highlights some of our favorite things you’ve shared with us, and we look forward to adding more to this page going forward.

Navigation for Novices
We attracted a stunning number of first time convention attendees.  According to our post convention survey, as many as 25% of you had never been to a show before.  Wow!  We hope to keep that number growing and continue to attract new geeks to our ranks, so our navigation now has multiple sections that specifically highlight exactly what it is you can do at our convention.  You can meet people, you can play and interact with awesome exhibits, you can learn through panels and workshops, you can shop with tons of awesome and unique vendors and artists and – of course – you can join us at PopCon and help us grow our convention.

Better Space to Highlight Our Independent Artists
There’s no reason our artists should remain mysteries until the show begins, so we’re featuring them in profiles and highlighting their artwork and products in a digital shopping mall that shows some of the awesome loot you can find at PopCon.  You won’t be able to order online, but you can save up and plan appropriately for when you arrive at the show.

Super Mobile Friendly
Go ahead, try it.  It’s nifty.  We want you to be able to access everything from any device you want, and this new site lets you do just that.

One bit of information we do NOT have quite ready is ticketing and hotel information.  Sorry about that – we’re working hard to get that done.  We had hopes it would be ready, but we need to make sure the customer service experience is 100% safe, secure, accurate, and easy to use before we unveil it.  We will have tickets available within the next week or so!

Thanks for supporting us – those who did so last year, and those joining the bandwagon this year.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for all.

See you this summer, and check back daily.  Now that this puppy is unleashed, you’ll be surprised how much more information we have to share with you!

Shawn Smith
Communications Director


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