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PopCon Podcast Awards General Information



The second annual PopCon Podcast Awards will be held Friday June 8th at 8pm at the Indiana Convention Center.  The ceremony is open to anyone that is an attendee of Indy PopCon (Friday or Three Day badges).  Purchase tickets here. (Attendance is not required to win, but what fun is it to win and not be there to hear the applause?)

The awards are to recognize the hard work and dedication of creators of podcasts.  Podcasts from more than two dozen categories will be honored.

If you are a podcaster, please go here.

If you are a podcast listener, please encourage your favorite podcasts to submit their work.

If you want to participate in the Audience Award, submissions will be available in May 2018.

If you are a podcaster and want to vote for the Smithie Award, submissions will be available in May 2018.