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The Neverending Dungeon

A dungeon crawl with a twist. $25 charitable donation (taken onsite) will buy you a seat as a player. But beware – at each step, members of the audience can donate money to help or hinder the party with loot or monsters/traps. So prepare your armor, spells, and weapons to help you survive The Neverending Dungeon! 

A group of kids are holding their final roleplaying session that they run at an antique shop. Their parents are losing their jobs, forcing everyone to move to different towns. Their one unifying plea is to find a way to stay.

The proprietor, a kind, old, Chinese man gives each of the players a carved box with polyhedral dice in them. As the last of the group rolls their new dice, the shop fades from view. The old man can be heard cackling, “good luck!”; before his voice completely fades. 

For more information and prices please see: https://www.fearthecon.com/the-neverending-dungeon/

 Benefiting The Bodhana Group: https://www.fearthecon.com/fear-the-charity/