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Special Events

After hours once in a lifetime opportunities at PopCon

Below are our 2016 events with information on 2017 events coming soon!

All Days

World Festival of Fan Films

The World Festival of Fan Films aspire to provide a venue and an outlet for those committed fans who are so inspired by a movie, game or TV Series that they seek to re-create that passion in cinematic format.  Powered by the fan film website Fan Film Follies, our sole goal to shine a light on these more than deserving works and let committed fans share their vision with fellow fans who can truly appreciate it.

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Escape Room

While setting up for PopCon, several surprisingly-well-armed delivery men from the “Zombie Crate” subscription box service arrived with a package labeled: “To Pandora”.  We assumed it was a delivery for an excited fan, so we directed them to a nearby empty panel room to leave it behind for the fan to collect when the show started.  That was weeks ago, and we’re pretty sure they entered and never left….

We’d check on them but we’re pretty busy putting the show together.  We were happy to help, but at this point we really need to reclaim the room so we have somewhere to show internet cat videos.  Can you help?  Enter the room.  Solve the mystery.  Save the show!  Save the internet cats!

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Thursday Night Events

Comet Party with CSM & Kelli Maroney

Night of the Comet captured imaginations as it told the tale of a pair of teenage sisters who wake up to find the entire planet changed around them after a comet passed by too close to the Earth. Featuring zombies, psychos, guns, and plenty of teenage attitude, Night of the Comet became a cult classic hit.

This once in a lifetime screening even reunited you with those teenage girls as the stars of the film, Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney, join the audience and provide commentary as they recall their fun filming the movies. Fans will be treated to a Q&A, and then a screening of Night of the Comet in the Historic Artcraft Theater.

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Friday Events

Brawl 2016

Since the dawn of the internet, there has been trash talk and bragging rights. At Indy PopCon, we are taking eight gaming celebrities and having them put it all on line in our GFUEL ESports Arena, where the trash talk – and the gaming – happens in front of a live audience of their fans.

PopCon Brawl 2016 will pit two teams, head to head, in a series of gaming challenges that earn them points for their team and cash towards their designated charity. The stakes increase each round as the games swap and the players are adjusted. Our competitors are asked to flex their diverse gaming muscles or risk facing a series of extremely brutal punishments for the losers. (Brutal for them… for us, they’ll be hilarious!)

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Indie Game Dev Networking

Are you an indie game developer?  Have you ever aspired to be one?  This event is for indie devs to get together and meet one another in a casual setting and discuss their favorite topics – gaming!

Special panel in the Scotty’s Brewhouse private room following by drinks and great food all night long.

Free to Attend. More Information

Saturday Events

Yoga Hosers Debut

Indy PopCon is excited to welcome Kevin Smith to Indianapolis on June 18 for a screening of his new film, Yoga Hosers.  Fans of PopCon will get to see the film before its public release in theaters, and be able to hear directly from Kevin Smith himself in a Q&A about the film!

After the premiere, Kevin will be making a live recording of his podcast, Fatman on Batman. A place for Kevin to discuss his deep love for the iconic caped crusader, Fatman on Batman is a fantastic podcast for comic book nerds and just regular folks alike. Featuring Marc Bernardin as co-host, this is sure to be an exciting and fun experience for everyone.

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A live-action wrestling event featuring former WWF/WWE Superstars and local Indiana wrestling legends! This one-of-a-kind special event will occur on Saturday, June 18, after the show closes. For the first time ever, you can meet your favorite wrestling legends and then watch them compete live – all in the same place!

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And if all of that’s not enough for your Saturday night, we’re also hosting a VIP party after the show.

Powered by NUVO, IndyMojo.com and GFUEL, the PopCon After-Dark After-Party is a great way to let off some energy after a full day of convention fun!

Join us for a Guitar Hero tournament/competition, live music, and gaming in the GFUEL ESports Arena.

Full bar service available. 21+. No cover with PopCon admission before 11pm.

9:30-11 – Guitar Hero Contest (Sign Up Below!)
11:00-11:45 – Wolf and the Wereboys (https://wolfandthewereboys.bandcamp.com/)
12:00 – 12:45 – Five Year Mission (http://fiveyearmission.net/)
1:00 – 2:00 – Dub Knight (https://www.facebook.com/thedubknight/)