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Youtuber/Gaming/Normal Boots


Youtuber/Gaming/Normal Boots





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Jared Lee Knabenbauer (born August 28, 1985), better known by his usernames, ProJared and before that [Dungeon Master] DMjared is a YouTube video game reviewer who appeared as a guest on Table Flip in their playthroughs of King of Tokyo and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. He would later appear as the first guest on Grumpcade, playing Vice Project Doom with Ross.

Jared was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The elder of twin boys, he is the older brother to Derek James Knabenbauer, known on YouTube as DKlarations. He is married to cosplay artist Heidi O’Ferrall.

His show is a part of Normal Boots, a network run by Jon. He reviews games on his channel, sometimes from the modern era, and sometimes from earlier consoles. He is also known to do “One Minute Reviews” of certain newer games. He also does Let’s Plays on a separate channel “ProJaredPlays,” where he covers newer games, as well as Nuzlocke challenges of Pokémon games.