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Greg LaRocque

Comic Book Artist/The Flash/Avengers/Legion of Super Heroes

Greg LaRocque

Comic Book Artist/The Flash/Avengers/Legion of Super Heroes





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Greg LaRocque has been a well known name in the comic book industry since the 1980’s. Born & raised in Baltimore, Maryland, he started his ventures in the art field when he was hired at the tender age of 17, to be an assistant art teacher at the Professional Institute of Commercial art, the school he was soon to graduate from. Greg’s comic book career began with DC Comics and Marvel Comics, which made Greg one of the first artists to work for both companies at the same time. Greg’s work can be seen in the pages of Spider-man, The Avengers, Justice League, Legion of Super-Heroes, the Flash and currently Stargate Atlantis for American Mythology. Greg may be best known for his design of the Iconic Wally West Flash costume.

Greg’s work as an Illustrator & Designer has seen him touch such diverse characters as The Three Stooges, SpongeBob Squarepants, Bugs Bunny, Harley Davidson & the Grateful Dead.

Working as creative director for Exiled Studio, Greg published his creator owned series ‘the Exiled’, followed up with the graphic novels ‘CryBaby Extinction’ & ‘the Dreaming’.

Greg’s commission work has been requested by fans across the globe, from Chile, Italy, Spain, Canada, the UK, & France, to the Philippines & many more. He continues to attend comic book conventions & events, & appreciates the support of his fans. His fund raising efforts to support the victims of natural disaster has helped many of those in a desperate situation.