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June 7-9 2019

Panel Submission Process

Contribute to the PopCon Schedule of Events

Community Driven

Our job at PopCon is to provide the programming that our fans want to see, so we have opened up our panel submission process to the community in order to establish which panels we should include in our schedule.  All panels submitted to PopCon will be displayed publicly for the community to provide feedback, comments, and vote on their favorites.  Our hope for this process is that users will collaborate and share ideas and create better content through collaboration.

How to Submit Your Panel

To submit, please visit the link below and post your panel/workshop idea! We will be holding a public vote where members of our community will view your submission and vote or add commentary to help contribute to your panel.

Submit Your Panel *

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for submission?

Deadline for submission is Sunday, April 8th at 11:59pm

Is this a popular vote contest?

Not quite. We do use popular vote to help us determine which panels to select, but we do need to consider balance and our room availability. If two panels cover the same topic and both get a lot of votes, we may only be able to select one.

If the panel is unique, well-received, and doesn’t have any logistical issues, it will be selected for PopCon.

Do Panel/Workshop leaders get free admission to PopCon?

Panel/workshops leaders that are chosen will receive an admission badge to PopCon for the day that their panel is scheduled. If multiple participants are required for the panel, all participants will receive badges.

Panel/workshop leaders will be given the opportunity to upgrade from single day admission passes at a discounted rate.

* By submitting your panel, you are granting PopCon the right to promote and schedule your panel/workshop topic idea. Panel submission does not guarantee selection. PopCon reserves the right to reject any panels submitted for any reason.  Use of the Reddit platform does not denote sponsorship by Reddit.