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December 29-30 2018
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June 7-9 2019

iCon eSports Tournaments

Join iCon Tournaments June 8-10th at our show this year to participate in various video game tournaments for games like Super Smash Bros 4, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Fighterz and more! iCon will be awarding amazing prizes for victors. Battle your friends, take home custom artwork and be the very best like no one ever was! For a full schedule of the planned games at the show and a map to navigate around the area, check below!

For our big Super Smash Bros tournaments throughout the weekend, we have a $1 buy in as an incentive to stay until you are eliminated or even win.¬†And although this buy in will not be used as a prize pool, we do have other prizes for the players anyway! Upon elimination (or winning!), you’ll get your dollar back. You’d only not get it back if you are disqualified or leave mid tournament. For all of our smaller tournaments, however, it’s entirely free! Any dollars surrendered to us are put back into our equipment like getting new controllers, adapters, games, etc.