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Host Gaming at PopCon 2017

Welcome Game Masters!

Indy PopCon brings geeks and gamers from all walks of life into town for an incredible weekend of fun and entertainment.  If you want to help contribute to the fun, PopCon can help you organize and run a public game for fans to join and friends to be made.

Rules for Game Masters / Game Hosts

All organized games must be submitted through the PopCon Game Master Registration and must be approved by our gaming team.  There is no charge to host a game, and acceptance into the system will allow us to help allocate you the appropriate space and promote your game so you have a great turnout.

Be kind, be respectful, and be welcoming to all fans and otherwise?  Have fun.

Plan Your Game

Prior to submitting your game, please take time to carefully consider all aspects of hosting and running the game at PopCon.

  • How many people can play your game comfortable?
  • How long will it take to complete a full game?
  • Will you need additional time for setup and tear-down for the game?
  • Will you be offering some basic rules/game training for new players? Have you built that time into your plans?

Try to think of all scenarios and consider the details as you submit your game. The more we know, the better we can assist you in creating a smooth game experience.

Submit Your Game

Once you’re ready to submit, fill out our Game Master registration page and don’t skimp on the details!

Keep in mind that the details you submit to us are for internal use, but there is also a field to describe the game to your fans. Be exciting and descriptive, and share with potential players why they should join you for your game.

Once submitted, our team will review and try to provide you with an ideal location and time to maximize your experience. Please be patient and flexible, but do provide us feedback if for some reason our plans do not align with your goals.

It is our desire to give everyone the best game experience possible, but times and locations are limited, so be prepared to work with our team to find the best possible match.

Running Your Game

If your game is approved and scheduled, make sure you lock that time into your calendar and don’t forget!

Show up at your designated game space no later than 30 minutes prior to your game time. If supplies or equipment are to be provided, make sure that they are there. If table space is to be reserved, make sure it is available (or will be available shortly if another game is finishing up).

You can expect your players to arrive early, so make sure you arrive early.

Generally speaking, PopCon will not be able to provide any signage or decorations for your space, so consider making some and bringing them with you. This will help you attract people to your game, and ensure registered players can find you.

After Your Game

Congratulations! We hope you and your gamers had fun. Take note of what worked, what didn’t work, and what can be improved. Soak it all in and begin planning your next game at PopCon!