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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019

Street Team

PopCon Street Team

Our city and our street team
embraces PopCon every year!
Photo by PopCon Fan Alicia A.

As PopCon continues to grow the most common question we get asked is “How can I help?”. The answer to that is simple – spread the word! What we need is for you to tell your friends to tell your friends just how awesome PopCon is going to be.

To help you get the word out we are going to be organizing Street Teams. That’s just the fancy term for people who “hit the streets” to get the word about about the event. Help us spread the news about the PopCon, and we’ll reward you with awesome prizes and benefits exclusive to Street Team members.

Sign up today, and we will send you a “starter kit” with some basic marketing materials to get you started.  Under 18?  Please ask your parents’ permission!

What can I do to promote to my town?

Nobody knows your town quite like you do. Pick a couple of local hot spots where you think you would find people who would be interested in PopCon, and start there. Use the flyers from our kit and drop them off at Comic Shops, University Campuses, gaming stores, movie theaters, and anywhere else you know fellow geeks/nerds/collectors roam.

If you have a blog or website, add a link to PopCon and encourage your readers to check us out. Share us, retweet us, and like us on your social media pages. Climb a mountain and yodel really loud. Street teams are about hitting the streets and word of mouth, so get loud!

If you live in a big city or town, consider teaming up with other Street Teamers to expand your reach. You can team up, make a new friends and have a travel companion for the show. More than anything – have fun! This isn’t just about telling people about PopCon, it’s about networking and meeting new people who enjoy the same things you do.

I live really far away. How can I encourage people to go?

We recognize that the further away from the convention you are, the harder it will be to spread the word. To help you out, you will receive bonus points for all tickets sold to attendees outside of Indianapolis – one point per state line they have to cross! So the further away you are, the fewer tickets you need to sell to hit your goal.

Second – consider forming a travel group with your friends, and establish ways to save money for the trip. Create groups on Facebook to encourage carpooling and hotel sharing, and coordinate events while at the convention for everyone from your city. Make it about more than just going to Indy for a con, make it an adventure!

Can I share a code with others?

Absolutely. Each code is attached to a single contact person (the Street Team Lead), but that person is welcome to create a real team within their town, and distribute that code to every participant. It would be up to the Street Team Lead to distribute the earnings as they deemed appropriate.

Apply Today!

Fill out some basic information and we will assign you your street team code so you can begin promoting PopCon!

Custom Posters

Click here to learn how to generate custom sharable social media posters that include YOUR street team code so you get credit for your promotions!

Promote for Points!

For every $5 purchased using your code, you will receive 1 Street Team Point.  These points can then be redeemed at the show for posters, prints, autographs, meet and greets, and even travel accomodations!

Bonus points awarded for fans from outside of Indiana. One extra point for every state line they cross!

Points Redeem For
25 5 random PopCon trading cards
30 Show poster
50 PopCon t-shirt
75 Photo w/ your guest of choice
75 1 day pass (any day you want)
100 Access to the after party of your choice
100 Preferred seating for the panel of your choice
120 $40 gas card (help cover travel expenses)
120 Upgrade your existing 3 day badge to VIP
150 3 day badge
220 $100 gas card (help cover travel expenses)
250 3 day VIP badge
300 Access to ALL after party events all weekend
600 Hotel room for the weekend (Friday & Saturday night)