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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019

Game Developer Registration

Game Developer Booth Levels

We understand that game development is an expensive process and development studios have different needs at different stages of their design.  For this reason, we have two booth levels available for developers depending on their specific needs.

Indie Game Table - $250

10x10 Game Booth - $425

Each square represents one booth

Maximum flexibility for growing developers

Shared GamePod (Option B) – Promo Space, Flexible Planning

  • Dedicated 8′ Table and Chairs
  • Shared electricity available
  • Includes 2 Exhibitor Badges per Booth
  • Lottery Let’s Play stage time (based on availability)
  • Lottery YouTube/Media Interview time slots (based on availability)
  • Automatic Entry into $10,000 Reboot Indie Game Awards

Ideal for developers with promotional materials (banners, signage) and smaller demo requirements (laptops, iPads, iPhones). Developers can stand behind table and invite fans to play their games one-on-one and get immediate feedback.

$250 Per Table

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Our largest space allows you the opportunity to bring the most

Each square represents one booth

  • 10’x10′ Booth Space
  • Dedicated 8′ table with two chairs
  • Internet & Electricity Cost is Extra
  • Includes 2 Exhibitor Badges per Booth
  • Guaranteed Let’s Play stage time
  • Guaranteed YouTube/Media Interview time slots
  • Automatic Entry into $10,000 Reboot Indie Game Awards

Ideal for larger developers who wish to have multiple machines running, or that need a large communal areas for multiplayer gaming and play-testing. Ample promotional space for banners, signage, registration tables, and multiple staff members interacting with fans.

$400 per space, $450 for a corner space.  Additional Demo 10×10 Space available for $200. 

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Developer FAQs

How much is electricity for the weekend?

Electricity for the weekend is purchased directly from the convention center and includes fees for hookup/setup and total power drawn for the weekend. On average, we anticipate most exhibitors will need to budget between $150-$200 for their electrical needs. We do not markup or profit from these fees in any way.

Unless you select the Indie Game Table, you must buy directly from the electricity provider for the show. The order form can be found right here.

For Indie Game Tables, you will be sharing electricity with other game developers within your shared space. No more than two computer devices may be plugged in from your table. If additional power is needed, additional fees may apply.

How much is internet for the weekend?

Internet may be purchased directly from the convention center, but be aware the surcharges and expenses are high.

We recommend using a third-party cellular provided and private Wi-fi hot spot if internet connection is necessary.

If at all possible, you should configure your demo to avoid using internet connectivity to avoid connection issues.

Is this for board gaming/tabletop game/digital video gaming?

Yes! We will feature dedicated areas for board, tabletop, and digital gaming. Board and tabletop gamers don’t traditionally need electricity, so this page is geared more towards meeting the needs of the digital developer. But rest assured if you come with a board game, you will not be alone!