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Gaming Guests

Guests featured in the Gaming World



Miles “UberGuitarDude” Roozen


Phil LaMarr

Samurai Jack/Pulp Fiction/Futurama

Darkk Mane


Frost Prime




Charlet Chung



Youtuber/Gaming/Normal Boots

Troy Baker

The Last of Us/Bioshock/Uncharted

Did You Know Gaming


Jonny Cruz


Nicki Taylor


The Completionist




Gaijin Goombah

Youtuber/Culture Shock/Game Theorists

Matt Ryan

Constantine/Arrow/Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag









Jesse Cox


Caitlin Glass

Attack on Titan/Full Metal Alchemist/Street Fighter


Youtuber/Twitch/Video Games


Professional Cosplayer


Lucky Lukester

Check him out here! Lucky Lukester

Weapon Direct

Animation Swords is a warehouse, shop, retailer and manufacturer of highly sophisticated & eye catching replica swords. Owing a big warehouse of our own,...
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Fandom Gifts

Fandom Gifts is a Licensed Sports and POP Culture gifts retailer based in Indianapolis. We help find the perfect gift for the biggest fans.

Attic Entertainment, LLC

Grab your friends and family and join us for an exciting 3 day weekend video gaming event! Gamer Grace 2017 Convention is all about...
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Station Ventures

~~~ http://nightsofyore.com/ https://www.facebook.com/nightsofyore/ Tweets by nightsofyore https://www.instagram.com/nightsofyoregame/ ~~~ Nights of Yore! (echo, echo, echo) is a “work in progress” tabletop role playing game streamlined...
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Beauties and the Geeks LLC

Jennifer and Jolen have been friends since Kindergarten! Both love fashion, traveling, their dogs, and food! They also enjoy attending Comic Cons with their...
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Salad Hunters Inc.

Website: http://www.saladhunters.com/


Caveloot.com is an internet retail store selling products that the owners have a passion for. LARP Weaponry: Epic Armoury’s weapon collection range from the...
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Katey Rosewater Cosplay

I’m your average costumer trying to stand out just a little! My instagram is: harleyquinn_08 My twitter is: @KateyRosewater Awards ~Coach FInstock (Arrow in...
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The Yetee LLC

The Yetee is a T-Shirt site featuring an awesome new design every 24 hours for the low low price of $11. Shirts range from...
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Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Brandongamesall/featured


Toysbot.com is an online toys, action figures, dolls, and collectibles shop. We offer a wide range of toys, action figures, collectibles, dolls, die-cast cars,...
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MiniGameMaker is a game intended to provide a unique and individualized experience to every style of gamer. An in-game editor allows you to construct...
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Perler Goddess & Fan Girl Toys United

Perler Goddess has been making awesome bead art for the last 7 years. She makes keychains, magnets and more from your favorite games, movies,...
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Kiaata Studios & “FalseSTOP!”

Kiaata Studios is a small, multimedia studio based out of Central Michigan focused around artwork of all shapes and forms. Dominantly, it’s focused on “FalseSTOP!: The...
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Neverending Games

Neverending Games, LLC is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals, whose purpose is to create, design, and produce new analog and digital games.

Izzy’s Creation

Izzy’s Creation’s started with 1 hat. We now do over 100 different hats and tons of custom hat’s as well. We also offer Many...
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Plush In The USA

Plush In The USA’s Mission: To make people smile by attending pop culture, anime and comic conventions to bring you plush products, toys and...
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OffWorld Designs, Inc.

OffWorld Designs is an apparel company founded in 1990 by Raymond VanTilburg, our own veteran fantasy and sci-fi artist. Originally we sold only Ray’s...
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Dodeca System Games

Dodeca System is an independent game design company specializing in Table Top RPGs, Card Games, and Board Games. Website: http://www.dodecasystem.com/

Beyond Board Games

Website: https://beyondboardgames.wordpress.com/

Punch It! Graphics

Punch It! Graphics is the brainchild of artist Michael Flynn. Michael has been touring on the Midwest Comic Con scene for the past two...
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Station Ventures

Welcome Gamers! We love Role Playing Games (RPGs) but there are a lot of aspects that keep others from joining in the fun. Inevitably...
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Fanboys Geek Gifts

Fanboys Geek Gifts specializes in providing fun, unique gifts for the geek in your life! From Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, to...
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