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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019

eBash GameZone

Competitive Gaming at Indy PopCon!

GameZone Rates

Individual Tournament Entry: $10
One-hour Free Play / Practice Time: $10
Each Additional Hour of Play: $10

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eBash is excited to bring our amazing video game zone back to this year’s Indy PopCon!

eBash, an Indiana-based LAN game center that hosts video game events and tournaments, will be hosting two major tournaments with cash prizes at the 2017 Indy PopCon event – one of the Midwest’s largest fan conventions – on July 7, 8 and 9.

For the first time ever at Indy PopCon, eBash will award cash prizes for two tournaments, Call of Duty and Super Smash Bros.eBash has been the provider of fun and competitive esports gaming in the Esports Zone at Indy PopCon since 2014 and this year the gaming company is doubling its footprint with assistance from Indianapolis-based sports marketing and event agency LST Marketing.

Esports Zone participants can play games such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, CS:GO, Minecraft, Dota 2 and more in hourly pay-to-play fashion, or watch high-level esports competitions as a spectator.

The Call of Duty tournament will feature teams of four with the player maximum capping off at 160 people, while the Super Smash Bros. tournament has no cap and will be played individually. The Call of Duty prize pool is $5,000 and the Super Smash Bros. prize pool will start at $1,000, increasing with every player who joins.

The Esports Zone’s focus is to feature fun and competitive events for players of all skill levels. This year’s Esports Zone will also include a VIP area and sponsorship opportunities. For more information on sponsorships, please email info@lstmarketing.com.

Join in on a one-of-a-kind convention that unites fans and geeks of all flavors for a weekend of fun, excitement and education.

NOTE:  Competitive event space is limited.  Passes at the door are not guaranteed.