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Droid Hunt

Are you the droid they're looking for?


Sponsored by DK Publishing!


Join the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion in the second annual Indy Pop Con Droid Hunt, sponsored by DK Publishing!

Head to the Star Wars Indiana table on Friday or Saturday to pick up your Droid Hunt badge. The game is limited to only 500 badges, so stop by early! Then on Saturday wear your badge prominently around your neck all day until 5:01 PM. If Imperial personnel ask you, “How long have you had these droids?” you have been caught and must surrender your Droid Hunt Badge in exchange for a free raffle ticket. Visit the Star Wars Indiana table at the end of the day on Saturday or all day Sunday to see if you won one of 60 books from DK Publishing. You will also be able to purchase a Droid Hunt badge for a donation on Sunday while supplies last.

Find a member of the Rebel Legion to receive a Jedi Mind Trick card to save you from the Imperials and extend your gameplay!

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!


2:00pm – 8:00pm, Fri
10:00am – 11:00am, Sat

Hunt Begins

11:00am – 5:01pm, Sat

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m (insert age under 18) years old. Can I still play?

Sure! Anyone can play as long as they like getting hunted by stormtroopers.

What if it’s 5:01 on Saturday and they didn’t find my badge? Can I still win?

Sure! Just return to the table, laugh at the stormtroopers for not finding you, and ask for a raffle ticket.

I’m only going to Pop Con on Friday or Sunday. Can I still play?

No, sorry. It’s only on Saturday.