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Comic Creators

Titans of the Comic Industry

Ming Chen

The Comic Book Men

Michael Zapcic

The Comic Book Men

Joe Corroney

Lucasfilm Star Wars Artist

Sam Ellis

BOOM Studios / Cartoon Network / FX / Marvel

Roy Thomas

Comic Book Author For DC and Marvel

Timothy Zahn

Star Wars Thrawn Author

Greg LaRocque

Comic Book Artist/The Flash/Avengers/Legion of Super Heroes

Erik Burnham




Brian K. Morris

Fantasy Novelist/The Original Skyman Battles The Master Of Steam

My Geekery

My Geekery was created in 2013 as a one-stop shop to “Clothe Your Inner Geek”. Since then, our artists have crafted a slew of fandom-loving t-shirts, posters, decals, and more, and worked with folks to make custom designs that suit their geeky needs and then some. We’re currently located in central Ohio, but we trek to conventions in galaxies near and far, far away with our fare, and have a blast doing it. Our dream is to keep plunging deeper into the community – to talk to and work with the cosplayers, the comic artists, the prop makers, the Trekkies...
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Aw Yeah Comics, Inc.

Website: http://awyeahcomics.com/

Aaron Lambert Art

Aaron Lambert was born on a hot summer night inside the treacherous volcano walls of parts unknown. On that steamy July day baby Aaron was given a choice to either bring joy through art or rule the world with an iron fist.  Clearly choosing world domination, Aaron was struck from the heavens by the finger of God with a rudimentary artistic ability, an ability he would have to mold and perfect everyday through hard work and ninja training.  Knowing his skills were not perfect and would never be, Aaron moved his training to the University of Cincinnati DAAP program where...
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The Yetee LLC

The Yetee is a T-Shirt site featuring an awesome new design every 24 hours for the low low price of $11. Shirts range from pop-culture based designs, designs based around films, music and awesome original art tees. We’re really excited to bring rad artwork to your torso! The shirts are limited editions so we will only sell them for one week or until they sell out. So pick them up while they last, because you won’t see them here again, that’s for sure! Need help? Please email customerservice@theyetee.com

Kiaata Studios & “FalseSTOP!”

Kiaata Studios is a small, multimedia studio based out of Central Michigan focused around artwork of all shapes and forms. Dominantly, it’s focused on “FalseSTOP!: The Fall of All,” a dual facet between a Graphic Novel series, and a Video-game of epic proportions. Kiaata Studios’ mission is to reach out and bring FalseSTOP! out to a larger audience, but more importantly, to encourage those who want to become artists and writers themselves! FalseSTOP! is originally created by Hunter Jurkowski, but over the years, Hunter has gained several co-collaborators that have helped pivot the series into the right direction it needs to go...
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OffWorld Designs, Inc.

OffWorld Designs is an apparel company founded in 1990 by Raymond VanTilburg, our own veteran fantasy and sci-fi artist. Originally we sold only Ray’s designs, but today we hold licenses with some of the top artists in gaming, science fiction, comics, anime and more. We offer pre-printed designs, custom printing/embroidery and souvenirs for dozens of conventions per year, all across the country. Our items are screen printed or embroidered in-house, so you are assured top quality goods that last for years. We provide top-quality, decorated apparel for conventions, schools, businesses, and other satisfied customers. So, if you’re looking for geek...
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Attack Comics

You can check out some free web comics here: http://attackcomics.com/free-web-comics.html

Fanboys Geek Gifts

Fanboys Geek Gifts specializes in providing fun, unique gifts for the geek in your life! From Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, to The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones, we stock a variety of merchandise that is sure to please your inner geek. Please visit the photo section or visit our EBay store at www.ebay.com/user/fanboysgeekgifts to browse some of our current in-stock items.

Gem CIty Books

Gem City Books sells graphic novels, Manga and more! Located in Dayton/Centerville Ohio… but setting up at over 50 Comic Shows a year!

Laughing Man Comics and Collectibles

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BCCOMICS2015/?fref=ts

Circle City Ghostbusters

We’re here to save the world (mostly central Indiana) from what goes “bump” in the night. Make no mistake about that, there are things that go bump in the night and we are the ones who bump back.

Tee Turtle

Website: http://www.teeturtle.com

Radiant Grey

Website: http://radiantgrey.artstation.com/

I Can Draw

Website: http://www.ericnyamor.com/

The Wizard’s Wagon

Website: http://www.thewizardswagon.com/

Samantha Kyle

Samantha Kyle created Paul & Olly as a 24-hour Comic Day story in 2011 (that story is available on the site as Chapter 0). In 2015, she decided to bring it back as a webcomic. Sam’s magic cannot be measured on any currently available scale.

Charles Jordan

Website: http://www.charlesjordandesigns.com/

Tom Bacon

I’m an artist in Chicago with a background in video games, graphic design and comics. Comics are my passion.

Ali Cantarella

Website: http://www.thewetstain.com/


Mommy, where does really awesome art come from? Well you see honey, a few years ago, by that strange and completely unlikely twist of fate we will call “the internet”, a directionless college student from San Diego and a handsome photographer from Metropolis got together and started drawing like mad. Thus, Musetap was born. They are made of the nerd Wil and his even nerdier girlfriend Tyrine pouring their obsession with art and pop culture onto paper every chance they get. Tyrine is the Californian. She likes sushi, super computers, beds that are as soft as bowling balls, and when...
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Dragons Nest Unlimited

Dragons Nest Unlimited is a small start-up company started in 2014 by a son-mother team. Dragons Nest Unlimited is a company that hopes to grow into a one stop shop that will supply hobby-gaming needs. It is our dream to have a place where people of all types and ages can come together and play games and enjoy the fantasy and fun that games provide. We hope to have a storefront in your area in the future.


An @actionlab comic about crime, baking & growing up by Jackie Crofts & James F. Wright.

Mel Cordes Art

Digital illustrator, comic artist, and animator.

MaddieJK Art

Maddie is an upcoming artist studying Animation at Ball State University. She works in both traditional and digital, but is known best for her weekly sketch series. She’s also a writer, in the process of completing and publishing her first book series LAPIS. She loves to draw couples, both and original, and fanart. Will be offering Traditional Commissions in person! Check out her deviantArt: http://maddiejk.deviantart.com/ Like her page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaddieJKArt/ Follow her on Instagram: @maddiejk_pdf  

JAR of Comics

Latino artist, John Rodríguez, graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago; comic artist and illustrator.


Small Company Creating Cute Things! We started out in 2013 doing Anime, Comic, and Pony conventions, and have been doing that ever since! Our little studio consists of only 2 people, Brittney and Emily! We make everything by hand and everything is made to order.

Hometown Comics

We are The Hub for Comics, Games and Pop Culture. Check out the shop with this Virtual Tour


Original comics and pop culture groups

Epic [WIN] Studio

A wide selection of posters, prints, charms, pin-back buttons, and more with a focus on anime and video game fandoms!


The Brothers Grant

Mandelyn Studios

A local illustrator and comic artist with an anime style flair. On site commissions are welcome, stop by for prints, bookmarks, and art cards and more!


I have been selling at conventions since 2007, but OOAKrafts wasn’t born until 2010. I’ve never had much of an interest in sewing until I started cosplaying. From there, it just kind of exploded into selling at conventions and online. I am a pretty active con goer, cosplayer, crafter, fangirl and seamstress. I reign from Cleveland, Ohio. I generally travel to most Midwest-area conventions from anime to comic to popculture cons. We sell hand-made geekery such as one-inch buttons, character fleece hats, lanyards, zippered bags and so much more!

Tiny T-Rex Studios

Tiny T-Rex Studios presents a variety of prints, trinkets, and more featuring the art of Indiana artist Wendy Z! Check out our webcomic “H.U.G.U.S. – Arcanic Academy” (http://huguscomic.com/) or find us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter as TinyTRexStudios.