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Celebrities and Special Guests

Greg Grunberg

Star Wars/Star Trek/Alias/Heroes

Troy Baker

The Last of Us/Bioshock/Uncharted

Matt Ryan

Constantine/Arrow/Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Charlet Chung


Johnny Yong Bosch

Power Rangers/Bleach/Eyeshine

Caitlin Glass

Attack on Titan/Full Metal Alchemist/Street Fighter

Jonny Cruz


Robert Carradine

Revenge of the Nerds/King of the Nerds

Curtis Armstrong

Revenge of the Nerds/King of the Nerds

Phil LaMarr

Samurai Jack/Pulp Fiction/Futurama

Ming Chen

The Comic Book Men

Michael Zapcic

The Comic Book Men

Jess Harnell


Lloyd Kaufman

Producer, Director, Actor / Troma

Richard Horvitz

Angry Angry Beavers/Billy and Mandy

Gaijin Goombah

Youtuber/Culture Shock/Game Theorists

The Anime Man

Youtuber/Anime Expert


Youtuber/Anime Expert/Cosplayer

Joe Corroney

Lucasfilm Star Wars Artist

Roy Thomas

Comic Book Author For DC and Marvel

Timothy Zahn

Star Wars Thrawn Author

Brian K. Morris

Fantasy Novelist/The Original Skyman Battles The Master Of Steam