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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019
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June 7-9 2019


Your Gal Friday

Hosted by: Produced by Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy. Hosted by Dr. Leah Leach and Phoebe Frear. Located: Noblesville, Indiana, USA Submission Genre: Family

Yeah I Said It

Hosted by: Laron Anderson (L.A.) Whitley Yates (Win Win James) Located: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States Submission Genre: News

This Week in Geek

Hosted by: Rob Southgate, Chris Mau, Alil Kunica, Scott Samons, Phil Perich Located: Hoffman Estates, IL USA Submission Genre: Pop Culture

The White Vault

Hosted by: Kaitlin Statz & Travis Vengroff Located: Sarasota, FL, USA Submission Genre: Audio Drama/Fiction


Hosted by: Pete Senefeld, Rob Sheehan, Adam Fultz Located: Indianapolis, IN Submission Genre: Food and Beverage


Hosted by: Josh Demaree, Dr. Deborah Demaree, Donald Marter, Avital Guernsey, Josh Marter, Kaytie Steckler, Lance Heinzelman Produced by: Josh Demaree Located: Camby Submission Genre: Gaming

Spark of Madness

Hosted by: Matt Kroeger, Ben Phillippe, Aaron Gallimore Located: Indianapolis Submission Genre: TV/Movie

Shift Drink

Hosted by: Ed Rudisell & Arthur Black Located: Indianapolis, IN, USA Submission Genre: Food and Beverage

Shadow Nation

Hosted by: Shaun Burris & Nathan Schoonover Located: Indianapolis, IN & Danbury, Connecticut Submission Genre: TV/Film

(Re)Make Me

Hosted by: Russell Hall, Justin Daniel Located: Fort Wayne, Indiana Submission Genre: Comedy

Radio Free Endor

Hosted by: Jamie Burns and Paul Stickley Located: West Yorkshire, England Submission Genre: Audio Drama/Fiction

Nerd Speak

Hosted by: Ted Gootee, Brendan McAvoy, Brian Gootee Located: Indianapolis, IN USA Submission Genre: Pop Culture

Nerd Management

Hosted by: Alec Ward and Warner Swopes Located: Whiteland Indiana USA Submission Genre: Pop Culture

Midnightgrabbag Podcast

Hosted by: Taylor Blevins CoHosted by: Victoria Baker, Haley Keeton, Mickey Jones Produced by: Ryan Taylor ,Trey Rogers & Caitlyn Corbin Located: Louisville, Kentucky USA...
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Hosted by: Mike Johnson & Kyle Getz Located: Seattle, WA, USA Submission Genre: LGBT

Gaming with Scott

Hosted by: Jade Duguay, Jay Payne, John Garlic, John Kennedy, Rico Suarez, Scott Troiano Located: Fishers IN, USA Submission Genre: Gaming

Edge of the Web

Hosted by: Erin Sparks & Thomas Brodbeck Located: Indianapolis/IN/United States Submission Genre: Tech and Business

Dell Luminaries

Hosted by: Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr Produced by: Douglas Karr Located: Indianapolis, IN, USA Submission Genre: Tech and Business