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Artists / Creators

Johnny Yong Bosch

Power Rangers/Bleach/Eyeshine

Adi Shankar

Castlevania / The Grey / Power Rangers

Jess Harnell




Joe Corroney

Lucasfilm Star Wars Artist

Sam Ellis

BOOM Studios / Cartoon Network / FX / Marvel

Roy Thomas

Comic Book Author For DC and Marvel

Timothy Zahn

Star Wars Thrawn Author

Haiden Hazard

Professional Cosplayer


Professional Cosplayer

Greg LaRocque

Comic Book Artist/The Flash/Avengers/Legion of Super Heroes

Erik Burnham




Miles “UberGuitarDude” Roozen


Brian K. Morris

Fantasy Novelist/The Original Skyman Battles The Master Of Steam


Fandom Gifts

Fandom Gifts is a Licensed Sports and POP Culture gifts retailer based in Indianapolis. We help find the perfect gift...
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Glowing Vista Gifts Inc

Horror related items – FurryBones, action figures, lunch boxes, Living Dead Dolls, Framed Prints and More. Visit our store –...
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Miss Alaynious Creations

Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MsAlayniousCreations?ref=hdr_shop_menu

The Established Facts

THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS is a general gaming podcast that discusses all things that encompass the world of games and gaming....
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Ruppits are … handcrafted puppets made by Rebecca Casavant. Puppets are just plain fun. Puppetry has been around for thousands...
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My Geekery

My Geekery was created in 2013 as a one-stop shop to “Clothe Your Inner Geek”. Since then, our artists have...
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Aw Yeah Comics, Inc.

Website: http://awyeahcomics.com/

The Artcraft Theater

Built in 1922 as a silent movie theater and Vaudeville house, the Artcraft Theatre was built complete with an orchestra...
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The Cinema Snob

Brad Jones is the creator and star of multiple YouTube series and has been portraying The Cinema Snob, a satirical...
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My Art Store https://www.facebook.com/ccayco Facebook http://ccayco.deviantart.com/ DeviantArt http://instagram.com/ccayco Instagram https://www.patreon.com/CCAYCO Patreon https://plus.google.com/u/0/102738477728869697871 Google+

Beauties and the Geeks LLC

Jennifer and Jolen have been friends since Kindergarten! Both love fashion, traveling, their dogs, and food! They also enjoy attending...
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Salad Hunters Inc.

Website: http://www.saladhunters.com/


Caveloot.com is an internet retail store selling products that the owners have a passion for. LARP Weaponry: Epic Armoury’s weapon...
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Aaron Lambert Art

Aaron Lambert was born on a hot summer night inside the treacherous volcano walls of parts unknown. On that steamy...
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Katey Rosewater Cosplay

I’m your average costumer trying to stand out just a little! My instagram is: harleyquinn_08 My twitter is: @KateyRosewater Awards...
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The Yetee LLC

The Yetee is a T-Shirt site featuring an awesome new design every 24 hours for the low low price of...
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Toysbot.com is an online toys, action figures, dolls, and collectibles shop. We offer a wide range of toys, action figures,...
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Movie Buff

Golden Bell Entertainment was formed with the hope of merging new and classic content to create timeless experiences for consumers...
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Cosplay MooMoo

Cosplay Moo Moo vends at nearly 50 anime, gaming, and comic conventions each year. We sell a range of cosplay...
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Perler Goddess & Fan Girl Toys United

Perler Goddess has been making awesome bead art for the last 7 years. She makes keychains, magnets and more from...
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Cannibal Coalition

Lee Bradford, born in South Bend IN, brings you a mixture of the strange, macabre, and whimsical. Writing, Art, Comic...
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Wulfgar Weapons & Props

Wulfgar Weapons is a Professional Prop – Design and Fabrication shop where customer satisfaction and commitment comes first. We work...
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Super Group Hugs

Erin Schechtman is an Art Director, Professional Illustrator, Fine Artist, Monster and Goofball from Cleveland Ohio. http://www.supergrouphugs.com

Attack Comics

You can check out some free web comics here: http://attackcomics.com/free-web-comics.html

Punch It! Graphics

Punch It! Graphics is the brainchild of artist Michael Flynn. Michael has been touring on the Midwest Comic Con scene...
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Fanboys Geek Gifts

Fanboys Geek Gifts specializes in providing fun, unique gifts for the geek in your life! From Star Wars, Star Trek,...
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Uncommon Universes Press LLC

We of Uncommon Universes Press LLC do hereby declare the following: That we, as a small press and as individuals,...
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Gem CIty Books

Gem City Books sells graphic novels, Manga and more! Located in Dayton/Centerville Ohio… but setting up at over 50 Comic...
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Armaverse, Inc.

Ball and socket armatures for stop motion animation that you can check out here: http://armaverse1.mybigcommerce.com/

Andrew Heath Design + Illustration

Andrew Heath is a graphic designer and illustrator located in Lexington, KY.  With 10 years of experience under his belt,...
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Detroit Leather Company

The Detroit Leather Company has been producing the best in hand-made artisan leather goods since 2007.We strive to bring you...
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Lydia’s Vintage

My goal at Lydia’s vintage is to have happy customers! I love selling vintage and handmade items and could not...
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Sanshee LLC

In the summer of 2009 a group of friends from Worcester, Massachusetts decided to set up an artist alley table...
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Dragon Alley Jewelry

Website: http://www.facebook.com/dragonalleyjewelry


Crafty Geniuses or just two big weirdos? We’ll let you decide! We are Todd and Andrea of Bearmojo! We are...
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Undead Design

A true Horror fanatic since the 80s. I was the kid crying in the movie store, begging my dad to...
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Authentic Collectibles

Website: http://www.rocknpoplegends.com/

Jukebox Imports

Website: http://www.jukeboximports.com/

Honeysuckle Rose Creations

Website: http://www.honeysucklerosecreations.com


Website: http://www.hobbyfan.com/

Radiant Grey

Website: http://radiantgrey.artstation.com/

Pegasus Publishing

Website: http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/

I Can Draw

Website: http://www.ericnyamor.com/


Indianapolis-based illustrator and designer Tristan Thompson produces work that exhibits diverse subject matter.  Working as a full-time freelance designer primarily...
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JW and Sandra Vohs

Website: https://writevohs.com/

Zombie Daisuke

Website: http://zombiedaisuke.tumblr.com/

Weightless Sky Studio

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/akasarushi

The Wizard’s Wagon

Website: http://www.thewizardswagon.com/

Samantha Kyle

Samantha Kyle created Paul & Olly as a 24-hour Comic Day story in 2011 (that story is available on the site...
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Whimsical artist in the making. Pui Che is en-quest-stead in a life long exploration on all things, questions and answers;...
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Ohio Kimono

Ohio Kimono imports authentic kimono, obi, haori and more directly from Japan for sale in America at conventions and festivals!


We sell “retro” video systems, accessories and games to you, the customer. Every thing we are selling has been play...
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G Pike Studios

Website: http://titleunrelated.com/about.php

Eliza C. Stockfisch

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/eis4artist

Crow’s Song Studio

Illustrator, Concept Artist, Dreamer… ​Bekah has been an artist for as long as she can remember, focusing on character development,...
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Crosstime Traders / Fiona’s Fineries

Website: http://www.fionasfineries.com/

Charles Jordan

Website: http://www.charlesjordandesigns.com/

Tina Duong

Website: http://thekiwislayer.deviantart.com/

Tom Bacon

I’m an artist in Chicago with a background in video games, graphic design and comics. Comics are my passion.

Christopher Kearby

Topher Kearby is a writer, poet, and artist.

Ali Cantarella

Website: http://www.thewetstain.com/

Nina Petrossian

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Mintandapple#about

Katherine Bolan

I have been an artist all my life, mostly in traditional media.  I always had dreams of being a concept...
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Simply Chic Geek

I sew soft, adorable plushes for people to cuddle! I also make some wearable items, such as hats and scarves....
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Website: www.superkawaiistudios.com


Mommy, where does really awesome art come from? Well you see honey, a few years ago, by that strange and...
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Forst Art

Artist. Mixed Mediums. I love to draw. It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to draw. I am not...
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Welcome to Shinesbright Bakery! A good cake takes time and effort, and here at Shinesbright we are committed to taking...
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I’m a 22 year old artist who lives on the East Coast. :^)

Shea Parfait

Website: http://shea-parfait.tumblr.com/


Website: http://babirousa.tumblr.com/


Jessica Wallace – Illustrator Creator of Sushi Dogs® www.blushsprout.com


I am an illustrator, designer, couch potato, and foodie! I am into many many TV, animationxand movie fandoms 😀


My deepest loves are painting OCs and doodling fanart chibis! Guilty of streaming art and playing League of Legends on...
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Rockin’ Robin

I’m Robin Koehn, a native Texan, dog enthusiast, lover of Mexican food and rock’n’roll, and a creative entrepreneur. I love...
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Tumblr: ototobo.tumblr.com DeviantART: ototobo.deviantart.com Store: http://yaoistore.storenvy.com

Esclair Studios

Esclair Studios was founded by two members who came together to create and dream of things that were rele- vant...
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Vincent Bryant Art

Website: http://vincentbryantart.deviantart.com/

Julie Wilmore Illustration

Julie is an artist specializing in wildlife and nature as the driving force of her semi-surreal narrative. Her subjects transport...
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website: http://artofprice.tumblr.com/

Whitney Rader Illustration

I’m a Freelance Illustrator who dabbles in all that is good and nerdy.


21-year-old silly lemon of an artist. Making cool stuff all day every day.

Dragons Nest Unlimited

Dragons Nest Unlimited is a small start-up company started in 2014 by a son-mother team. Dragons Nest Unlimited is a...
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An @actionlab comic about crime, baking & growing up by Jackie Crofts & James F. Wright.

Mel Cordes Art

Digital illustrator, comic artist, and animator.

Nate Michaels

Artist based in Louisville, KY. I’m very proud to say, that I have pieces all over the world. Japan, Australia,...
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MaddieJK Art

Maddie is an upcoming artist studying Animation at Ball State University. She works in both traditional and digital, but is...
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Naomi and Noemi Romero Art

Website: http://naomiromero.com/

Nite Owl Workshop

A cosplayer who turned her hobby and love of plush making into a business

Kaatydid Art

Website: https://www.youtube.com/c/kaatydidart

Allen Panakal Art

Digital and Traditional Artist Born and Raised in Chicago. Holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia and Web Design...
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