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Greg Grunberg

Star Wars/Star Trek/Alias/Heroes

Troy Baker

The Last of Us/Bioshock/Uncharted

Matt Ryan

Constantine/Arrow/Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Charlet Chung


Jesse Cox


Johnny Yong Bosch

Power Rangers/Bleach/Eyeshine


Youtuber/Twitch/Video Games



Nicki Taylor



Youtuber/Gaming/Normal Boots

Peanut Butter Gamer

Youtuber/Gaming/Normal Boots

Caitlin Glass

Attack on Titan/Full Metal Alchemist/Street Fighter

Jonny Cruz


Robert Carradine

Revenge of the Nerds/King of the Nerds

Curtis Armstrong

Revenge of the Nerds/King of the Nerds

The Completionist


Phil LaMarr

Samurai Jack/Pulp Fiction/Futurama

Ming Chen

The Comic Book Men

Michael Zapcic

The Comic Book Men

Jess Harnell


Lloyd Kaufman

Producer, Director, Actor / Troma

Richard Horvitz

Angry Angry Beavers/Billy and Mandy

Gaijin Goombah

Youtuber/Culture Shock/Game Theorists

Did You Know Gaming


The Anime Man

Youtuber/Anime Expert


Youtuber/Anime Expert/Cosplayer



Joe Corroney

Lucasfilm Star Wars Artist

Roy Thomas

Comic Book Author For DC and Marvel

Timothy Zahn

Star Wars Thrawn Author



Greg LaRocque

Comic Book Artist/The Flash/Avengers/Legion of Super Heroes



Darkk Mane




Frost Prime


Satchell Drake




Brian K. Morris

Fantasy Novelist/The Original Skyman Battles The Master Of Steam

Samantha Kyle

Samantha Kyle created Paul & Olly as a 24-hour Comic Day story in 2011 (that story is available on the site...
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Troll and Toad

TrollAndToad.Com is a retailer specializing in selling CCGs (collectible card games), especially out of print Magic: The Gathering single cards....
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Charles Jordan

Website: http://www.charlesjordandesigns.com/

Cosplay MooMoo

Cosplay Moo Moo vends at nearly 50 anime, gaming, and comic conventions each year. We sell a range of cosplay...
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Simply Chic Geek

I sew soft, adorable plushes for people to cuddle! I also make some wearable items, such as hats and scarves....
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Izzy’s Creation

Izzy’s Creation’s started with 1 hat. We now do over 100 different hats and tons of custom hat’s as well....
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Fatecrafter is a roleplaying game that uses the Tarot in lieu of dice. Core rulebook and first setting book now...
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Tina Duong

Website: http://thekiwislayer.deviantart.com/

The Nerds You’re Looking For

“Welcome to the home of “The Nerds You’re Looking For” podcast. We will be using this site for archiving past episodes,...
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Caveloot.com is an internet retail store selling products that the owners have a passion for. LARP Weaponry: Epic Armoury’s weapon...
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Indianapolis-based illustrator and designer Tristan Thompson produces work that exhibits diverse subject matter.  Working as a full-time freelance designer primarily...
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K.O. Fashions

Creatively Adventurous Apparel Check out KO Fashions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KO-FASHIONS-1515167185416451

Mandelyn Studios

A local illustrator and comic artist with an anime style flair. On site commissions are welcome, stop by for prints,...
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Game Master Player

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/x_gmplayer_x Youtube: https://t.co/3aBM7iWUwi

Kiaata Studios & “FalseSTOP!”

Kiaata Studios is a small, multimedia studio based out of Central Michigan focused around artwork of all shapes and forms. Dominantly, it’s...
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Bold Egoist

My deepest loves are painting OCs and doodling fanart chibis! Guilty of streaming art and playing League of Legends on...
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Ian and Ellie LLC

Website: http://sososgame.com/

DeGroot Art

DEGROOT ART creates and sells custom and unique nerdy art on various swag merchandise! We sell our art and designs...
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The Obsessive Viewer

The Obsessive Viewer is a weekly movie/tv podcast that covers a specific topic (be it genre, trope, movie or show)...
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