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Hoosier Lottery 2018 Cosplay Championships

How it Works

1. Pre-Registration

All cosplayers are required to pre-register online to participate in the cosplay contest. Due to time constraints, we will only accepted a specific number of entries before opening a waitlist. 

Pre-Register Here

2. Show Check In
All registered cosplayers will check in immediately upon arrival at the show on Friday or Saturday morning. At check-in, they will receive a pre-determined time slot to come back for pre-judging. Failure to attend designated pre-judge time will result in forfeiture.

3. Pre-Judging
Prejudging will occur on Saturday. Each pre-registered cosplayer will be assigned a block of time for pre-judging. Please arrive on-time for your time block.  If you miss your time-block, we may not be able to include you in the competition.

4. Show Selection
All pre-registered participants are automatically included in the show selection.  On Saturday, if no-shows or cancellations occur, cosplayers from the waitlist may be selected to participate in their place.  Waitlist participants will receive specific instructions on this process prior to the show.

Note – Kid’s Cosplay Contest is Sunday! Children under the age of 12 may participate in Main Stage show if they wish, but are ineligible for prizes.

The Indy PopCon 2018 Cosplay Championship is brought to you by the wonderful folks over at Hoosier Lottery.


Official Entry Rules

Minimum Requirements
All participating cosplays should be at least 50% modified/hand-made for amateur level, 75% for pro level. Percentages may be flexible depending on costume, and level of work put into existing modifications at the judges’ discretion. “Modified” includes removing or adding pieces of detailing, tailoring, painting, distressing, etc. “Off the shelf,” store-bought costumes are not eligible for prizes, but commissioned costumes can be worn and entered in the professional category provided there is full disclosure from the contestant and designer is present to co-receive the prize.

Professional / Amateur Level
Professional cosplayers are not eligible for the amateur division. A professional is defined as:

  • – is paid to create costumes, costume props or SFX
  • – is paid to wear or model costumes
  • – has purchased or commissioned their costume from another creator or costumer
  • – has previously won won 3 or more major costuming awards, such as best in skill division or best overall (judges’ awards and honorable mentions do not count toward this total).

If you are a professional costumer, you may bring your full cosplay to be judged, with or without a model, but only in the professional category.


All interested cosplayers must pre-register for the show. Due to time constraints, the first 80 applicants will be accepted to participate. Once all spots are filled, pre-judging timeblocks will be assigned. A waitlist will be created for cosplayers to join if previous registrants cancel their appointment.

Judges will grade only the cosplay entered into the official contest and will not be provided past cosplay photos prior to judging.

The link to Pre-Register can be found above.


This year’s contest will feature five categories:

  • TV/Movie (live action)
  • Comics (comic book, web comics, 2D art
  • Games (video, RPG, D&D, etc)
  • Animation (anime, cartoons)
  • Pop Culture (YouTube, musicians, general cultural references)

Each cosplayer will select one category to compete in, based on the source material their cosplay is based on. For example, if the cosplay is RWBY-inspired, the appropriate category would be Animation. If the cosplay were Deadpool based on the video game variant of the character, the entrant could choose either to compete in Games or Comics, but not both.

If your cosplay does not fit any specific category, select “Pop Culture”.


Top Prize: Best in Show, $1000 Cash Prize and trophy

Additional Prizes: Two awards per category (“Best in Category”), one for Amateur Division, one for Professional Division. Professional and Amateur winners will receive trophies.

Judge’s Choice: Each judge will select their personal favorites from those who did not win an official category or BIS prize. Each winner will receive a small trophy.

Cosplay icon representing our 2015 Champion
– Created by Riza Viray, Aii Student

Our 2017 Cosplay Champion, Yamerpro
Photo by Michael P Hoover