What is PopCon?

What is PopCon?

What is Indy PopCon?

Indy PopCon is a pop culture and entertainment convention that invites fans of geek culture to partake in a weekend of networking, learning, reading, gaming, shopping, and cosplay. PopCon celebrates the culture of the creator and gives budding artists an opportunity to gain exposure to new potential fans and learn how to hone their craft from industry professionals.

PopCon isn’t just about celebrating pop culture, it’s about cultivating the next generation of comic artists, writers, YouTube stars, game developers, and professional geeks!

PopCon for the Fans

The Pop Culture Fans

This is the easy one, because you’re going to love everything we do. From cosplay contests to video game tournaments, to celebrity meet and greets and entertaining panels, if you’re a fan of Pop Culture, you’ll find plenty to see and do, as well as awesome art and comics to purchase, while you’re with us at PopCon.

PopCon for Geeky Parents

Parents with Geeky Kids

Young kids’ tastes are always changing, always evolving, and often parents (even geeky ones!) are left behind. For example, did you know that YouTube and Twitch.tv have a larger regular audience than Hulu? Parents want to support their kids and their hobbies, but often don’t know how. Thanks to partnerships with local schools, we’ll be providing programming for kids – and parents – about the new pop culture industries so parents can fully support and encourage their little creators to pursue their dreams.

PopCon for Vendors and Creators

The Creators, Artists, and Vendors

For vendors and creators, their livelihood is invested in getting their art and products in front of enthusiastic, curious fans. We will provide an awesome atmosphere for them to sling their wares and meet new potential customers. That’s not all, though, because shows like ours are great for networking with fellow creators and industry experts. We’ll be bringing in experts from various genres to engage with our creators so our visitors can learn from the trailblazers they so admire.

PopCon for the Curious

The Curious

Oh, don’t worry. We didn’t forget about you, Mr/Miss Curious-but-not-super-geeky-potential-PopCon-fan. We are making our convention accessible and fun for you, too. If you just like a couple television shows, occasionally play tabletop games, or sometimes listen to podcasts, our show is accessible and affordable enough for you to enjoy an evening downtown checking out some very cool, very unique creations in the halls. So don’t worry, you don’t need to be a super-geek to enjoy PopCon and who knows? You may just discover your new obsession after a journey around our halls.

What is Indy PopCon?

In*dy [in-dee]
1.  A nickname for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

noun (informal)
2.  A city at the Crossroads of America in the great state of Indiana that already hosts some of the largest events in the United States every year, and within a days drive of 65% of the US population.

Pop*Con [pop-kon]
1.  Short for Popular Culture Convention.

2.  A convention similar to a Comic Con, but with the potential of being bigger, better, and geekier.

3.  A convention that encompasses all aspects of popular culture, including, but not limited to:  Television, movies, science fiction, fantasy, comics, internet, gaming, anime, cosplay, literature, art and music.

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