Who We Are

Indy PopCon is the culmination of the ambition of a group of pop culture enthusiasts from Indianapolis (and slightly beyond).  We recognized that Indy didn’t have a true convention that covered all aspects of pop culture, and we are filling that void with a convention that celebrates pop culture diversity. We are attempting to bring the most well-rounded convention experience Indy has ever seen, and we’re going to have a whole lot of fun doing it.
Bryan Neely
Bryan NeelyBryan Neely has been in the comic book collector for over 30 years, ever since that fateful day when his mom bought him a copy of Spider-Man at an airport to “keep him busy”. Over the next few years, Bryan took comic book collecting to a level that would make a hoarder cringe. During college, and having no room to walk around his apartment, he created a site that would be later known to the rest of the comic book community as ComicsPriceGuide.com where one could manage such a collection with ease. Although this did help with the current situation of the comics, he didn’t stop there. Bryan branched out to collecting many more diverse items that would again take every bit of free room in his home. If it were not for his wife and her ability to make sure everything has a place, he would not have his basement mancave, or as his wife calls it… “The place I don’t visit”. Bryan marveled at everything in this mancave and had a dream… “What if all people could come see my basement?”, this dream didn’t sit well with his wife. So he had another dream… a dream that would allow his love for pop culture to be available to anyone who craved it, and with PopCon… his dreams will become a reality. So, to Bryan’s mom and wife… we thank you.
Carl DoningerBorn and raised in Indy, Carl Doninger is Hoosier through-and-through. He is an avid gamer and loves the sci-fi and fantasy genres. While whistling soundtracks and quoting random lines from movies and television shows, Carl can be found volunteering all over the state, primarily with the Boy Scouts of America (yes he is an Eagle Scout). His convention knowledge is extensive, as he has been a top-level volunteer with Gen Con for *many* years, in addition to his duties at Star Wars Celebrations. Since having graduated from Indiana University, Carl is a computer geek by career, and a budding semi-professional photographer. For you sports geeks, when you run into him at the convention, ask him about his tenure with Bob Knight, as Carl is a Big Ten Basketball Champion. If we were to list all the individual items on Carl’s Pop Culture resume, Netflix would drop to standard definition, Facebook would hiccup, and Nasdaq would quit trading (don’t blame us, we sent a memo when we tried to post it all the first time), so we will leave it at that. His PopCon duties place a whip firmly in hand making sure everything is getting done and that everyone has the support they need. Carl is our Spartacus, but hopefully doesn’t die at the end of the season.
Chase Kahlo
Chase KahloBorn and raised in Indiana. Grew up with aspirations of becoming a professional Magic the Gathering player. Once that fell through, went about devouring as many fantasy/ comic book/ sci-fi stories as possible with the new aspiration to become Batman. Has not given up on that aspiration. While still in training for the guardian of Indianapolis, I have been volunteering in the convention scene for seven years and working around comics full-time for five. I am currently running the sponsorship and advertising for Popcon in order to fund my further training and batmobile.
Larry ZoreLarry Zore is a father of 3, married 17 years and still has his own BatCave! Huge fan of collectibles, comics, cartoons, movies, books, music.. ok, lets just say all things POPCON. He loves his games with a power cord, as having to count or use rulers isn’t his forté. If he gonna battle in a dungeon he needs to view it at 60FPS and on a 70″ screen. He will say he isn’t a geek, but he is the ultimate closet geek, and when reading he loves Sci-fi and fantasy. Drizzt Do’Urden, Atticus O’Sullivan, Gaius Octavian and Rand Al’Thor are his boys. The thing he is looking forward to most with PopCon is that everything is different, yet the same… things are more modern than before… bigger, and yet smaller… San Dimas High School Football rules!
Larry Zore
Ryan Keys
Ryan KeysRyan is Hoosier born and bred with a son who is also a natural gamer and a daughter who can’t wait to dress in Steam Punk for Halloween! He has 15 years of professional event planning experience for both large and small scale events, the last nine years as a full time event specialist while serving more than 250,000 participants. He has also served on sub-committees for the Final Four and Super Bowl with seven years at Senior Level status for Gen Con and at Star Wars Celebration IV. Why does he do all these things? He loves people! He also enjoys movies and TV, but his true passion is playing games. The kind where you are face to face and working with or against your friends. So come to PopCon and share in the great fan and vendor friendly experience and make sure to find Ryan and shake his hand. After all nothing would make him happier!
Brian “Papa” DowdenI join the Indy PopCon team as the Special Events Director and Volunteer Coordinator. I’m the man in charge of scheduling convention panels and events. I also serve as mission control for all volunteers, making sure everyone is well prepared and in the right place at the right time. We all want Indy PopCon to run as smoothly as possible. When I’m not grinding away in preparation of Indy PopCon, I’m the Director of Client Services at SmartFile. Off the clock, I grow my expertise on comic statues and collectables. My Netflix queue is full of sci-fi and action movies, and I never miss an episode of Sons of Anarchy or Duck Dynasty.
Brian Dowden
Shawn SmithShawn handles all the communications and website updates for PopCon, mostly because he lives in the Matrix and things like that come naturally to him. Dislikes deja vu and the taste of false steak.
Shawn Smith