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OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN.  PopCon is this weekend!  This is a file photo of Carl Doninger working on PopCon this week.

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN. PopCon is this weekend!
(File photo of Carl Doninger working on PopCon this week.)

PopCon is this coming weekend, and we’re steadily working to ensure the event is as awesome as possible when you arrive on Friday. In order to help alleviate congestion and ensure your check-in process is as seamless as possible, please use this week to purchase your pre-sale tickets.



Pre-sale will end officially on Thursday, May 29 at 11:59pm.
At that time, the per per-ticket will increase $5, and VIP Packages Will Not Longer Be Available.

To emphasize, you will be able to purchase tickets at the door upon arrival at the show, but the total cost will increase by $5 as seen below in our chart.  So if you’re planning on coming, please purchase your tickets in advance to save $5!  Not only that, but you’ll have a faster check-in experience overall.

See you at the show!

Tickets on Sale Now

Buy Tickets Now – No Fees!

Ticket Pricing

Ticket Pre-Sale Pricing
(Only valid until
11:59PM Thursday May 29th)
Fees At the Door
(Any time Friday May 29th
Sunday June 1st)
3-Day Pass $45 $0 $50
Friday Only $20 $0 $25
Saturday Only $25 $0 $30
Sunday Only $20 $0 $25
VIP Access
(Limited Qty!)
Starting at $100 $0 Not Available

VIP Experience Packages give you an opportunity to enjoy exclusive access to special events hosted by your favorite guests and celebrities. VIP Experience passes also includes 3-day admission, early show floor access, autograph fast-pass, VIP Lounge, plus more.

Who Needs A Ticket

All children under 13 must have an adult with them while at the con. We offer children 10 and under free admission with a paying adult.

Please understand no Refunds or Exchanges will be possible.





Indianapolis, IN – May 13, 2014 – Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has partnered with Indy PopCon, Indiana’s largest comic con, to create a food and awareness drive to combat hunger and homelessness and benefit Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Last summer, Lambda Chi Alpha established a partnership with Feeding America and raised over 1.5 million pounds in food donations across its 200 college campuses in North America. This partnership with PopCon and Gleaners will help further Lambda Chi Alpha’s mission to end hunger.

On Saturday, May 31, PopCon will designate an area for Gleaners and Lambda Chi Alpha to collect both food and monetary donations in exchange for promotional wristbands featuring PopCon branding. With several varieties of wristband available, PopCon Communications Director, Shawn Smith, hopes to create an atmosphere of collecting and trading to encourage extra donations. “We have nine varieties available and each donation allows a fan to have a random wristband,” he said.

“The more you donate, the more opportunities you have to get the complete collection. You can also trade with fellow fans, and interact in unique ways to try to get them all,” he added.

In addition to standard wristbands, several exclusive bands will be available which, when discovered, will give the recipient access to hundreds of dollars in prizes donated by sponsors of the show. “We love the uniqueness of the concept and the fact it adds fun to our food drive,” said Sandy Meers, Associate Director of Information Systems. “We look forward to establishing a great partnership year after year and making the food drive a regular event for the convention.”

About Indy PopCon
Indy PopCon is a popular culture and comic convention coming to the Indiana Convention Center the weekend after Memorial Day weekend, May 30 – June 1, 2014. The convention has reserved over 150,000 square feet for an estimated crowd of 15,000 attendees and 400 artists and exhibitors over the 3-day convention. Celebrity guests, renowned comic artists, and media personalities will be coming to Indianapolis to sign autographs, interact with fans, and take in the city.

Additional information, interview requests and requests for media coverage requests may be addressed to Shawn Smith ( 317-372-2623.

About Lambda Chi Alpha
Lambda Chi Alpha is an international fraternity based in Indianapolis that is present on 200 college campuses across North America. More than 230,000 undergraduates and alumni men of all ages and various backgrounds currently call themselves members of the Fraternity.

Through our seven core values and leadership skills training, it is the vision of Lambda Chi Alpha to extend itself beyond the traditional social fraternity in practice and principle. After launching a partnership with Feeding America last summer, Lambda Chi Alpha raised over 1.5 million pounds of food to support the fight to end hunger.

Sandy Meers

We did it again. We added another hall! But this time, it’s for a very different purpose. Here, see for yourself….


When last you heard, we added a hall to create more vendor and artist space. But nope, not this time. Instead, this hall has been purchased purely to improve the fan experience. Prior to this layout, we had registration, gaming, and the main stage all in the same hall. That probably would have worked OK, but we thought long and hard about the layout and thought about what would happen if we had 15,000 people show up on Saturday….

The answer was pretty clear.  Our fans would have been stuck in line – miserable – singing the tales of our failures to the social media dieties to whom they subscribe.  We could not allow that to happen, so we got a new Hall.  We hope this means shorter lines (and clearer directions for long lines), more consistent crowd flow, better noise control, and more room to stretch out and make cement floor angels (note: do not make cement floor angels….).

Enjoy having even longer walks, now!  Bwahahahaha! ;)

Also, while you’re here, please buy pre-sale to help justify our insanity:  Pre-Sales are CHEAPER

- Smitty

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