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Indy PopCon is coming to Indianapolis and bringing you over 200,000 square feet of comics, cosplay, video gaming, internet culture, entertainment, and more!
Stay tuned.... we're just getting started!


Over 150,000 square feet in the beautiful Indianapolis Convention Center, all dedicated to artists, vendors, cosplayers, panels, special events, and fun.


We're emphasizing special events, panels, and workshops to keep you busy on a weekend full of pop culture and guilty pleasures.
Plenty to see, plenty to do!


Cons were once a celebration of creators, independent artists and geeky hobbies, although that's changed in recent years. We're bringing indie back to Indy.



Indianapolis, IN – April 22, 2014 – Pop Con LLC and IU School of Informatics and Computing (SOIC) at IUPUI have agreed to a sponsorship agreement to bring education to the forefront of the inaugural Indy PopCon convention, May 30 – June 1 of this year. Held in the Indiana Convention Center, PopCon will feature hundreds of exhibitors, artists, and game developers, and will present a series of workshops and panels aimed at enabling individuals to break into cutting edge industries such as game development, animation, digital design, comic book publishing and more.

The agreement, for the 2014 convention, will involve a series of hands-on workshops and panel discussions tentatively titled PopCon Academy. Guest lecturers from the school will provide several introductory sessions meant to give attendees a brief glimpse into various industries and educational tracks that students might be able to take in order to pursue a career in game development, computing, and digital arts.

For PopCon, the goal is to educate kids and fans, and also engage parents whose children have started to take an interest in video game programming, art, and comics. “Many of the fans who attend our shows are passionate and looking for ways to get into these exciting careers,” said Chase Kahlo, Programming Director for PopCon LLC.

“But our partnership with the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, will allow us to educate the parents too, so they have a better idea of how to foster their child’s passions and prepare them for secondary education and eventually rewarding careers,” he added.

For the School, they look forward to the opportunity to educate others about informatics and computing, the future of technology, as well as the degree options and career paths. Leslie Payne, Communications Manager, was excited about the partnership, “Informatics and Computing focuses on the use of technology and how it affects the world around us, so PopCon seemed like an interesting opportunity. Several of the SOIC programs and courses include game development, design, digital art and human-computer interaction.”

“We saw this sponsorship as a way to educate children, parents, and others about how gaming can be used not only for entertainment, but in other ways, like in education and health care, where it benefits the community and the people that live within. In addition, we have several current students and grads that have been selected as special guest artists and game developers to be part of the convention. This was an all-around fit, not only for the school in general, but also for the students who are taking what they have learned and applying it to the real world,” she said.

About IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI
The Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing was established in 2000 as one of the first schools in the nation dedicated to education and research in informatics. Informatics uniquely integrates computing, social science and information systems design to study how we use technology to communicate, work and engage. That knowledge is then applied to develop innovative IT solutions impacting our communities, science, healthcare, entertainment, law and business. The IU School of Informatics and Computing is located on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and offers an array of certificate, B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. programs. For additional information, please visit , or call (317) 278-4636

About Indy PopCon
Indy PopCon is a comic and popular culture convention coming to the Indiana Convention Center the weekend after Memorial Day weekend, May 30 – June 1, 2014. The convention has reserved over 200,000 square feet for an estimated crowd of 15,000 attendees and 400 artists and exhibitors over the 3-day convention. Celebrity guests, renowned comic artists, and media personalities will be coming to Indianapolis to sign autographs, interact with fans, and take in the city.

Additional information, interview requests and requests for media coverage requests may be addressed to Shawn Smith ( 317-372-2623.

Shawn Smith


VIP Experience Packages
When PopCon launched, we initially decided that we would have VIP tickets available, and we would limit the total VIPs to 100. Then something incredible happened….


Your voice, your passion, your demand for this convention has been so overwhelming that we have no choice but to think about – and offer – bigger, better, geekier content in all facets of the convention. That’s why at noon Monday, April 14 we will launch our VIP Experience Package page. This page will highlight opportunities that go above and beyond the normal convention experience, and allow you to get closer than ever to your favorite stars and guests!

With a VIP Experience Package, you will gain access to a special, invitation-only panel, workshop, event, or experience, and will get to interact with your favorite guests in a more casual environment. Now would be the time to ask about your favorite moment or pick their brains on your favorite episode or season, so be prepared! At this time, we will have VIP Experience Packages available for the following guests and genres:

  • VIP After Party/Night Life Experience
  • Joel Hodgson (MST3k)
  • Game of Thrones Experience with Kristian Nairn
  • Norm Breyfogle (Batman/DC Comics)
  • ?????? – Unannounced mystery guest! (Mysterious show you’ll remember fondly)
  • VIP Video Gaming Experience
  • Special Kids’ Only Experiences
  • ….and a few more we can’t quite share yet.

Ticket sales for these events will be limited and first come, first serve. So tune in Monday and make sure you have your package secured!

Answers to questions we know you have already….

I already have a VIP Ticket. How does this affect me?
By default, all VIPs are currently at the VIP After Party level. Your “experience” is guaranteed, prime seating for the Paul & Storm concert on Friday, guaranteed prime seating for the Cosplay contest on Saturday, and VIP status at our after party on Saturday night (details TBA).

What else do the new VIP Experience Packages include?
Unless stated otherwise, all VIP Experiences include 3-day show floor access, early entry to the show floor, an autograph/photo op express-pass, 3 panel/workshop line express-passes, and access to the VIP Lounge during the show. The guest specific packages will often include autographs, photo opportunities, meet & greets, and other unique opportunities that will be limited to a select audience of no more than 25-100, depending on the event.

Can I wait and buy these VIP Experiences at the show?
Based on a limited number of tickets and anticipated demand, it is very likely that these packages will sell out before the show. So if you like what we’re offering, snag it up quick!

I can only go this day or that day, is there a one-day version of the VIP Experience?
Sorry, but VIP Experiences are only available in 3-day format.

Can I combine multiple experiences?
For now, we’ll address this on an as needed basis until we can assess demand for these events. Contact if this applies to you.

herron_popcon_1Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, and Indy PopCon have joined at the frontal lobes to promote, grow and highlight local artists in an inaugural exposition of popular culture. Opening at the end of May, PopCon will feature hundreds of artists and exhibitors from around the world. Staying true to PopCon’s mission of promoting the uber-cool geekiness of the state of Indiana, several artists are Herron faculty and grads.

For PopCon, the decision was an easy one, because the talent and quality from Herron faculty and alumni is very strong. “Many shows look around the country for top talent, but it’s important to us that we check our own backyard first,” said Chase Kahlo, hall coordinator. “Once we started researching, we saw incredible artists and a wealth of talent, so the decision to highlight Herron was an easy one,” he said.

Herron School of Art and Design representatives will be at Booth #327 to help attendees find out more about the school’s exciting new drawing and illustration major. On Saturday, May 31, a panel comprised of two respected Herron alumni—“young guns” Joseph Crone and Lowell Isaac—and esteemed Herron professor Vance Farrow will share their first-hand experiences and address some of the challenges of breaking into the businesses that rely on artists for their success.

Marc Allen Fishman, Herron alumnus and co-creator of Unshaven Comics, will also be an exhibitor at the event. He provides another example of entrepreneurship and how to succeed in transforming one’s passion for the arts into a legitimate business. Fishman has parlayed “pipe dreams discussed over the junior high school lunch table” into a concern that’s been going since 2006.

About Herron School of Art and Design
Herron School of Art and Design has produced famous illustrators including: Norman Bridwell, creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog; Jarred Lee, illustrator of the Scholastic Books Black Lagoon series; Bill Peet and Bill Justice, early Disney animators (Snow White, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Tigger); and Rob Day (Rolling Stone, and many other publications).

For people who want to develop drawing and illustration skills, Herron offers broad exposure to traditional and non-traditional drawing and illustration techniques in all media, including digital technology. Herron has unsurpassed equipment and facilities and a faculty comprised of professional artists, published scholars and working designers.

At Herron, you can pursue a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and non-credit courses through community learning programs. Herron is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Herron is included in US NEWS & WORLD REPORT’s top graduate schools. In the heart of Indianapolis, Herron is a short stroll from the museums of White River State Park and close to the amenities of downtown.

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